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This section is no longer being expanded. It provides current links to selected web sites containing detailed information about multiple-artist projects focusing on art and ecology and/or eco-activist art.



  • The Arctic Cycle

    The Artic Cycle's mission is to "use theater to foster dialogue about our global climate crisis..." It supports the production of eight plays by Chantal Bilodeau, the Artists and Climate Change blog, the biennial Climate Change Theatre Action series of worldwide readings, and The Incubator, a workshop intensive for artists activists and educators.
  • The Arts and Healing Network

    Founded by Marion Weber. The site began in 1997 to inform and inspire artists, activists, environmentalists and health care professionals about the healing aspects of art. Includes articles, projects, resources, images and information links to artists support and funding.
  • Art Works for Change

    Non-profit partnering with educational and activist organizations to produce art exhibitions addressing social and environmental issues; operates under the fiscal umbrella of the Tides Center.

  • Black Earth Institute
    "...encourages awareness of the arts as a means of promoting a progressive, inclusive spirituality and an environmentally aware society. The organization brings together artists and audience members to further understanding of the historical role of the artist as bringing forth wisdom from beyond the self." (from BEI mission statement)
  • Civilians Investigative Theater

    "The Great Immensity
    is a theatrical play and media project on climate change which investigates the larger question:"how can we change ourselves and our society in time to solve the enormous environmental challenges that confront us?" Written and directed by Steven Cosson; songs by Michael Friedman.

    Mission: "The Civilians is the center for investigative theater, boldly exploring the intersections of theater and society. Led by Artistic Director Steve Cosson and working with a multi-disciplinary group of Associate Artists, the company commissions, develops, and produces new plays for audiences in New York, nationally, and internationally; creatively engages communities through artistic and educational programs; and stimulates the field to broaden the scope of the theater in all aspects: subject matter, audience, use of online media, and more. All of these efforts serve to advance theater as an engine of artistic and social innovation and as a critically vital part of our social fabric.

  • Community Arts Network
    The Community Arts Network (CAN) is currently active on Facebook.
    In its first iteration, CAN was active from July 1999 through April of 2010 serving as a platform for dialogue and promotion of community-based arts.
    It's web presence has been archived here and it's newsletter API News is archived here.

  • Cultura 21 Network: Cultural Fieldworks for Sustainability
    Launched in 2007 as " a transversal, translocal network, constituted of an international level grounded in several. Cultura21 organizations around the world." Offers a mailing list, wiki platform, web magazine; NING network
    for ASSiST summer school; and website; transdisciplinary; has special sections for arts, nature, sustainability, climate change, more...

  • :a platform for research and practice
    "A curatorial platform" established by artist Chris Fremantle, with On The Edge Research, Gray’s School of Art, and The Robert Gordon University; "...focused on art and ecology for artists, curators, critics, commissioners as well as scientists and policy makers." Includes ecoartscotland papers which comprises discussion of artists works and theoretical texts.

  • Ecoart South Florida

    Formed in 2007 as the South Florida Environmental Art Project (SFEAP) EcoArt SoFla's mission is "to catalyze the emergence of a strong EcoArt presence in South Florida through educational forums and symposia, ecoartist residency development, consultancies on specific projects, public policy research and development and exhibition development."

    Presentation: Mary Jo Aagerstoun. Public Ecoart and the Sustainable Urban Fabric. September 8, 2011.


    A professionally active group of artists dedicated to ecological art practice. Collectively the mission is to "inspire caring and respect, stimulate dialogue, and encourage the long-term flourishing of the social and natural environments in which we live."
  • Ecoartspace

    Founded by Tricia Watts. A nonprofit organization "working internationally with individuals and organizations who are interested in creating radical approaches to restoring the earth. Using art as a tool, we aim to inspire communities into action when addressing environmental issues." Includes images and links for art education, exhibitions, artists and projects, publications and more.
Leilsa Nadir and Cary Peppermint lead a "new media" collaborative to "study the environmental imagination: through participatory projects across disciplines. Founded in 2005.

  • Green Art Guide

    The creators of this site,, do not name themselves as of this writing, but have selectively created links of interest for printmakers, fibre artists, painters, sculptors, architects, designers, photographers and others concerned with social and environmental issues.

    Founded by Sam Bower. The online museum is no longer extant, It was a seminal resource begun in 2001 containing current news, calendar of events, exhibitions, artists sites, artist opportunities, an educators tool box, and other resources pertaining to ecoart.

  • "The Land Art Generator Initiative (LAGI) brings together artists, architects, scientists, landscape architects, engineers, and others in a first of its kind collaboration. The goal of the Land Art Generator Initiative is to see to the design and construction of public art installations that uniquely combine aesthetics with utility-scale clean energy generation."

  • RSA Arts and Ecology (U.K)

    Ran from 2005-2010. It's goal was to "catalyse, publicise, challenge and support artists who are responding to the unprecendented environmental challenges of our era... to create positive discussion about the causes and human impact of climate change through commissioning, debate, interdisciplinary discourse and a high-profile website.
  • Justseeds Artists' Cooperative

    " a decentralized network of 24 artists committed to making print and design work that reflects a radical social, environmental, and political stance."