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This section provides links to organizations, agencies, services, and educational institutions that, in part or in whole, have set a precedent or provide support for linking the arts and creativity to the environment. Please contact greenarts with your suggestions and comments.

Educational Resources

Educational Institutions, Colleges and Universities

Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Helsinki, Finland Art-Nature-Education

"Arts based environmental education."

Allegheny College, Meadville, PA

CEED:Arts and the Environment Initiative
Allegheny College:Sustainability
CEED: Center for Economic and Environmental Development

Brookes University, Oxford, England

Masters Program in Social Sculpture (Interdisciplinary Arts Practices)

Carnegie Mellon University , Pittsburgh, PA

Environment at CMU: Environmental Education
Center for the Arts in Society: Performance and Ecology
Green Design Institute
Institute for Green Science

Chatham University, Pittsburgh, PA

School of Sustainability and the Environment
Master of Arts in Food Studies (begun 2010)
Masters in Sustainability (beginning 2011)

College of the Atlantic, Bar Harbor, MN

A liberal arts college for human ecology. "COA graduates go on to careers in many fields. But at the end of the day, what sets them apart is that they share a similar sensibility — the ability to question, and the desire to challenge the status quo. If you think that business and politics are creating a world that's just fine, or are intimidated by how hard it is to reform the system, don't come to COA. If you see things that you don't like,however, and can't imagine not pushing for change, then COA would be a great fit for you."

Evergreen State University, Olympia, WA

Green Studio Program

Goddard College

MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts

Imagining America: Artists and Scholars in Public Life

"A national consortium of colleges and universities committed to public scholarship in the arts, humanities, and design.. joins serious intellectual endeavor with a commitment to public practice and public consequence." The org hosts an annual conference and the web site provides information on the consortium including news and events.

Institute for Social Ecology

"It is our core belief that the human potential to play a creative role in natural and social evolution can be realized, thereby allowing
us to foster communities free from hierarchy, social inequity, and ecological degradation;" offers an M.A. with a concentration in social ecology in association with Prescott College, AZ.

School of Design, George Brown College, Toronto

Institute Without Boundaries. A post-graduate program that comprises teaching, applied research and a think-tank for client consultation with sustainability as a core concept; sponsors charettes."We imagine how to live, learn, work, and play together as a global community. Our goal is to find alternative development patterns and a viable path to a bright future."

John F. Kennedy University, CA.

Arts and Consciousness: MFA in Transformative Arts

Naropa University

Offers an unusual mix of courses including Healing Arts, Environmental Studies, and Visual Art, which can be combined through the B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies.

Prescott College, AZ

A liberal arts college emphasizing ecological literacy and social justice.

Schumacher College, U.K.

"transformative learning for sustainable living"

University College Falmouth (UK)

RANE:Research in Art, Nature & Environment "established to examine the relationship between the visual arts and ecological thinking."

University of New Mexico, Department of Art and Art History

Art and Ecology

University of San Diego: Ethics Updates

Founded in 1994 by Lawrence M. Hinman. Not specifically arts related, but a good resource for educators who want to keep up on current literature in theoretical and applied ethics. Resources section includes, among other links, a glossary, ethics events calendar, and case studies.

Vermont College, VT

MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts


University of Vermont. Sustainability Faculty Fellows.

Goal is to "create a community of faculty who are committed to integrating interdisciplinary approaches to sustainaiblity into the UVM curriculum."

University of Washington, Tacoma: Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences

The course Ecological Art: Art Responding to the Ecological Crisis has been taught by Beverly Naidus for over a decade. .The IAS program in general offers a socially engaging curriculum. (1/29/14)

Washingon State University: Environmental Justice Cultural Studies

Environmental Justice: Eco Art

York University, Faculty of Environmental Studies (FES), Toronto

Offers Bachelor (BES), Master (MES) and PhD degrees in environmental studies, involving an impressive variety of disciplines including art and design.

Other Educational Activities, Institutions and Centers

Center for Ecoliteracy

A leader in the national green schooling movement with initiatives to integrate “ecological principles and sustainability into school curricula.” Information and services through publications and activities; work with instituting school gardens and lunches; offers teaching guides, downloadable research materials, seminars, sustainability leadership academy; keynote presentations, and consulting services. Central office in Berkeley, California. Co-founded by Zenobia Barlow, Peter Buckley and physicist and systems thinker Fritjof Capra.

Cultura 21 ASSIST: Summer School of Arts and Sciences for Sustainability in Social Transformation

Offered for the first time in Bulgaria in collaboration with the International Council for Cultural Centers (I3C) and the Latin American Network for Art for Social Transformation, August 2010. Project is supported by the Asia Europe Foundation (ASEF) as a follow-up project of the Dialogue on Arts, Culture & Climate Change (Beijing, 2008).


"An artist-run workshop, residency, and retreat center located in the Berkshire hills of Western Massachusetts.  We provide a dynamic mix of dance, somatic, and interdisciplinary arts training, with a focus on sustainable living, social justice, and community."

An vast online museum including information on eco artists, an events calendar and "educators toolboxes" (begun Spring 2005).

Institute of Noetic Sciences

Goal is to inform "frontier findings on personal and social consciousness and it's relationship to the physical world through publications, events and education through publications, events and educational media.."honor open-minded approaches and multiple ways of diversity of perspetives on social and scientific matters."

Photography and Eco-Art Centre

Based in Israel and established by eco-artist and activist, Shai Zakai; beginning in 2010 the centre is making a call for artists for the 1st International Ecoart Residency.

The Schuylkill Center for Enviromental Education: Environmental Art

"Awareness of the natural environment" through exhibitions, events, classes and artist-in-residence program
Environmental Art Conference, May 31, 2013

Sitka Center for Art and Ecology

Workshops and residency programs supporting the relationship between the fine arts crafts and natural science.

Spring College, Netherlands

"Original courses on environmental issues, economics and value systems, philosophy, arts and ethical living." Courses held outside with a walking component. Located on de Zeeweg in Overveen, near the Koevlak entrance of National Park, Zuid Kennemerduinen.

Teaneck Creek Conservancy, Bergen County, New Jersey

A non-profit agency whose mission is to create a recreational, educational, cultural, and ecological park "where nature, history and art come together full circle." Programs can include visting eco-artists, trailside eco-art exhibitions, nature and history walks, performative public art, geocaching, and special school programs.

Walking College: Story of the Walk

Justin West and Li An Phoe (aka Walking College) have been "walking landscapes, designing & gardening edible forests and researching regnerative food systems" as an art form for the last five years. This section of their journey logs their hike of over 2650 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail beginning Spring 2011. They also hope to create a book for the project.

Women Artists of the American West

"An Internet Course and Interdisciplinary Resource featuring
the vital contributions that women have made
to the art and history of the American West." Co-sponsored by Purdue University and Penn State University.

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Organizations and Services

AAAS: American Society for the Advancement of Science
Mission: "Advancing Science Serving Society"; recognizes the arts as contributing
to science through research, publications and exhibitons, for example:

AAAS Art Gallery You Tube Channel

Dance your PhD

Beneath the Surface: Rediscovering a World Worth Conserving: A Collection of
Artist Interviews

Publications: Science Books and Films

Alliance of Artists Communities: Arts + Ecology | Tools + Resources

Resource guide designed for organizations and individuals looking for ways to begin ecologically-oriented residency programs.

Art in the Public Interest

Community-based and socially concious art; were co-directors of
Community Arts Network

ArtCorps: Art for Social Action

Arts and Environment Network of CIWEM (UK)

A program begun in 2007 within the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management. The vision: "putting creativity at the heart of environmental policy and action.”

Arts and Healing Network

"An international resource for anyone interested in the healing potential of art."

CSPA: Center for Sustainable Practice in the Arts

Founded by Ian Garrett and Miranda Wright, 2008.
"...provides a network of resources to arts organizations, which enables them to be ecologically and economically sustainable while maintaining artistic excellence. We support the infrastructure of this network by supplying artists with the information, education and intellectual community they need to make the best choices for their sustainability..." Web site includes programs, events, news.

Publishes the CSPA Quarterly



Creative Capital

"Creative Capital supports innovative and adventurous artists across the country through funding, counsel and career development services. Our pioneering approach—inspired by venture-capital principles—helps artists working in all creative disciplines realize their visions and build sustainable practices."


Platform for the promotion of sustainable cultural change "based on the assumption that the media, the arts, education, communication and organizational forms as well as human emotions play decisive roles in processes of social change."



Founded in 1997; organization which advocates for international artists seeking to "connect human beings aesthetically with the awareness of larger ecological systems."

Open Green Map

Collaborative enterprise which promotes the production of locally-led Green Map web portraits across the globe to connect communities working toward sustainability. Participants register to take advantage of sfull services including mapmaking tools; downloadable organizational booklet; includes links to news, publications,resources, Open Green Map...more.

An vast online museum including information on eco artists, an events calendar and "educators toolboxes" (begun Spring 2005).

Imagining America: Artists and Scholars in Public Life

"A national consortium of colleges and universities committed to public scholarship in the arts, humanities, and design.. joins serious intellectual endeavor with a commitment to public practice and public consequence." The org hosts an annual conference and the web site provides information on the consortium including news and events.

North American Sustainable Consumption and Production Database

Arts and Entertainment is one of the many sectors included in this searchable database. An initiative of the North American Sustainable Consumption Alliance/Pollution Prevention World Information Network. Search by sectors, focus areas, tools/approaches, country or organization type. Includes other resources, directives and news and event briefs.

RSA:Royal Society for the Arts

A non-proft organization emphasizing social activism, projects and lectures related to 5 manifestos: Encouraging Enterprise, Moving Towards a Zero Waste Society, Fostering Resilient Communities, Developing a Capable Population and Advancing Global Citizenship. Environmental initiatives include Shared Mental Models of Sustainability, Environment Awards Forum, SAGE (Sustainable Action Group Exchange) and the WEEE Man a humanoid figure made out of the amount of electrical waste one UK citizen consumes in a lifetime. Site includes a forum, library and archive, RSA Journal and fellowships.

Sitka Center for Art and Ecology

Workshops and residency programs supporting the relationship between the fine arts crafts and natural science.

SER: Society for Ecological Restoration

Teaneck Creek Conservancy, Bergen County, New Jersey

A non-profit agency whose mission is to create a recreational, educational, cultural, and ecological park "where nature, history and art come together full circle." Programs can include visting eco-artists, trailside eco-art exhibitions, nature and history walks, performative public art, geocaching, and special school programs.

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Conferences and Symposia


The spirit of this international, transdisciplinary organization is perhaps summed up best in the title of a plenary talk by John A. Powell for the 2010 October conference: "Dance Like You Matter in an Intra-Related World."

Source: Bioneers 2010 Conference Brochure
Quote by Toni Cade Bambara


The Role of Art Education in an Age of Ecological Crisis and the Globalisation of Knowledge. June 14, 2013

Workshop to "address and encourage participants to share experiences and difficulties encountered while confronting problems facing art education, ecology, and the the clouding of knowledge when meshing curricula from diverse fields. The workshops are developed by invited local and regional experts." Held throughThe Leonardo Education and Arts Forum (a working group of Leonardo ® /ISAST), ISEA Education Workshop in partnership with the MCA and the National Institute for Experimental Arts (NIEA) at COFA, UNSW.
TED Talks
TEDx Talks

Started in 1984 as a conference on technology, education and design TED's present scope is broader to include other programs such as open access to the TED Talks and TEDx Talks (local independent projects). Worth exploring across disciplines. Many of the presentations are visually graphic. Here are some arts related videos:

Sebastião Salgado: The silent drama of photography
Through his astounding photographs the."epic" photographer and economist speaks to the devastation of human life and the earth and the potential for renewal of our ecosystems.

The Fargo Project: Jackie Brookner at TEDxFargo City 2.0
"Understanding who we are as individuals and as a species" through transformation of an 18-acre storm water detention basin into a prairie commons through collective community action.

Recycling Sucks! The History of Creative Reuse: Garth Johnson at TEDxEureka, Dec. 2, 2012

James Balog: Time-lapse proof of extreme ice
Founder of the Extreme Ice Survey (EIS), the most wide-ranging, ground-based, photographic study of glaciers ever conducted. The project is also featured in the NOVA documentary "Extreme Ice."

Camille Seaman: Haunting photos of polar ice
The icebergs "are our ancestors."

Jae Rhim Lee: My mushroom burial suit

Decompiculture: A death suit seeded with mushrooms to aid non-polluting decomposition.

Lucianne Walkowicz: Look up for a change
The beauty of the night sky and the problem of outdoor lighting

Margaret Wertheim: The beautiful math of coral
A coral reef is modeled with crochet hooks

Natalie Jeremijenko: The art of the eco-mindshift
Public art and engineering with volunteers for urban social change and reimagining interspecies relationships.
Note: Some projects do not address the well-being of living non-human subjects used.

Aaron Koblin: Artfully visualizing our humanity
Mapping human activity by digital visualization

Michael Pawlyn: Using nature's genius in architecture
Using ideas of radical resource efficiency, closed loops, and drawing energy from the sun

Nathalie Miebach: Art made of storms
Weather data taken from massive storms and turned into complex sculptures which are also musical scores for a string quartet.


Yann Arthus-Bertrand captures fragile Earth in wide-angle
The impact of humanity on itself and the earth via aerial photographs, personal interviews ("6 Billion Others") and an open access video of "Home" a survey of the planet with a plea to "believe what we know" and to become part of the solution for a sustainable planet.

Janine Benyus: Biomimicry in action
Learning design via the genius of nature

Sustainability by Design (7 talks)
Catherine Mohr builds green
Kamal Meattle: How to grow fresh air
Mike Biddle: We can recycle plastic
Eben Bayer: Are mushrooms the new plastic?
Mitchell Joachim: Don't build your home, grow it!
Anupam Mishra: The ancient ingenuity of water harvesting
Dan Phillips: Creative houses from reclaimed stuff

David Bolinsky: Visualizing the wonder of a living cell
Medical animator

Pilobolus performs "Symbiosis"
Symbiosis = Interaction between two different organisms living in close physical association, typically to the advantage of both.
The dance troupe Pilobolus is named after a fungus that typically thrives in the dung of herbivores.


Conferences and Symposia (archived on the web)

Aesth/Ethics in Environmental Change, transdisciplinary workshop, May 2010, Germany
Sponsored by the Center for Sustainable Practice in the Arts.

earthdance: SEEDS Festival: Somatic Experiences in Earth, Dance and Science
. 2009-2010
Interdisciplinary summer festival dedicated to the arts and ecology.

Global Forum on Water
(Fotofest 2004)
April 1-4. U.S. and International scientists, policymakers, activists, religious leaders, and creative thinkers get together to assess the state of water in the world. Streaming video available at this site.

Media Sources

Bullfrog Films
One of the largest sources for environmental films across disciplines.
Look to the subject index for environmenal films in art, architecture, peforming arts, theatre, dance, music, design, film studies.

Commonwealth Club of California

Non-profit national forum via audio, video and radio on critical issues of the day by recognized leaders of our time.

The Cinema Guild: Films for the Educational Community: Environment

Earth Channel Communications, Stone Mountain, GA. Hosts ECTC (EarthCast), ECRadio, Peace Torch - a global peace initiative. Invites submission of audio/video for EarthCast broadcasts. Donated high-speed server time for the WorldPuja 3rd Annual World Sound Healing Day, on Valentine's Day, February 14, 2005.

edie (environmental data international exchange)

EMA: Environmental Media Association
A non profit organization "dedicated to harnessing the power of the
entertainment industry and the media to educate the global public on environmental issues and motivate
sustainable lifestyles."

A Community-Powered Learning Library and Alternative News Center For People Who Want To Change The World

Links to over 3000 films available for free online. The goal of this resource is "to provide citizens of the world with the information and perspectives essential for creating a more just, sustainable and democratic society." An extensive subject list allows you to focus in on your areas of interest


powered by Google

Films Media Group: Films for the Humanities and Sciences: Environmental Science

Grist Magazine

Humankind Public Radio
Hosted by David Freudberg; distributed by PRI - Public Radio International

Independent Media Center

Media Matters for America
Non-profit research and information center that monitors, analyzes, offers commentary and launches initiatives in correcting "conservative misinformation in the U.S. media." It's sister organization, Media Matters Action Network, is the center of it's activist efforts.

Media That Matters
Streaming independent films meant to spark debate and inspire action in 12 minutes or less on important topics of the day including the environment and sustainability.

National Public Radio

The Onion (Onion, Inc. Madison, WI)

Pacifica Network

Paper Tiger Television

PBS Online

Public Radio International: Living on Earth

USGS: Unites States Geological Survey Map Dowloader

Download detailed images and maps. Maps also available for purchase.
(Collective Eye Films)
Non-profit film distribution and production company; documentaries exploring culture with social, political,environmental and spiritual issues.

Western Soundscape Archive: US National Park Spectrograms

An ongoing project currently with more than 10,000 spectral images from approx. 200,000 hours of U.S. National Park Service sound level monitoring. Browse by park or with other search options; section on how to read a spectrogram. 2/2/14

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