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The Green Arts Web first began as an idea in 1999 in an effort to create a comprehensive resource of publications and links regarding research about art and the environment with an underlying focus on healing the earth, and sustainability. It was first published and hosted via Artswire in a collaboration between artist and educator, Ann Rosenthal (site design), educator and librarian, Mo Dawley (research) and artist, Laura Audrey (site programming). The site is currently hosted by the Carnegie Mellon University Libraries.

Green Arts continues to the present to evolve with additional listings, annotations and new sections and is expanding the site to include interdisciplinary resources. Your comments, questions and suggestions are welcome.


Mo Dawley, Senior Librarian/Art and Drama Librarian, Carnegie Mellon University

Special Thanks to :

The EcoArt Listserv and so many individuals who have inspired the site with ideas and content contributions.

Copyright: 2000. All Rights Reserved. Short excerpts from this site with credit given and links to the site are welcome. Otherwise, please contact Green Arts.